10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids LEAVE Church
September 27, 2015 Aly

10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids LEAVE Church

September 27 2015

Marc Yoder

Many of our youth’s first encounter with the gospel occurs at a youth retreat or church camp. The worship is powerful, the message reaches the hearts of the lost, and many come to accept salvation. Once the excitement of the weekend revival dies down, it often becomes the case that our students fall back into the lives they were previously living, as if the experience never happened. Unfortunately, some youth groups parallel that experience; the youth and teens are heavily involved and fully immersed in church culture, but when they leave that environment, they fall away. In fact, the disturbing statistic that many of us do not know is that 70 percent of our “on fire” youth do not attend church following their high school graduation. In his article, “10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids Leave Church,” Marc Yoder investigates the potential causes of this disconcerting shift in our youth’s involvement after high school. Marc discusses the information he gathered while interviewing students that were raised in the church, but have no intention of returning to the church. This post provides insight as to how we could improve aspects of our student ministry.

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