4 Church Finance Tips from King Solomon
February 22, 2015 Vicki Ohlerking

4 Church Finance Tips from King Solomon

February 22 2015

Leadership Insights from Pastor Chris Hodges, written by Peter Ostapko of Foundation Capital Resources

Recently at an ARC Churches Conference, Chris Hodges, Pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham,  Alabama, offered some insightful leadership lessons regarding King Solomon’s visit with the Queen of Sheba. The information was valuable, so I’d like to recap the message here with some additional insights.

Church Finance Tip #1: Put spiritual needs first.

1 Kings 10:1-13 describes how the Queen came to King Solomon bringing spices, gold, and precious stones. The reason for her visit? To test Solomon’s wisdom and relationship with God. She wanted to see for herself if the reports she’d heard about his achievements were true.

Rather than shrinking from the scrutiny or putting on a show to impress her, Solomon showed concern for her spiritual needs by listening to her and patiently answering all of her questions. He could have been defensive or guarded, but he wasn’t.

Ask yourself: As a pastor, when I interact with people who ask tough questions about the church, especially the finances, do I focus on their needs or on impressing them?

Implementation: Join with your staff and/or board to pray for God’s guidance in making sure you stay focused on what God has called your church to do.

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