4 Giants that Crush the Effectiveness of Leaders
May 30, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

4 Giants that Crush the Effectiveness of Leaders

May 30 2014


We’ve all faced giants in life. But there’s something crucial about these four giants that are specifically focused on crushing the effectiveness of leaders.

Pastor Jimmy Rollins from i5 Church in Maryland spoke something to the ARC staff in Birmingham that we felt would be great to share with everyone. Here’s the first part (adapted from Pastor Jimmy’s notes):

I like David because a lack of perfection never stopped him from pursuing his purpose! He was anointed king as a boy, but his appointment with the throne didn’t come until much later. He faced personal challenges, family dysfunction, and a very public failure and cover-up attempt.

But he never stopped seeking God! And ultimately he is still known as a giant-killer.

There are giants that we as leaders face that are obvious – the building campaign, the difficult people, the big project, or the big budget issue. But I believe that some of the biggest giants we face are the giants within.

When David’s father presented his sons to Samuel, David wasn’t even included in the lineup with his brothers. He was overlooked. When his brothers went to battle, David had to stay home and watch the sheep. It wasn’t fair.

How do you feel when others are chosen before you? How do you react when you’ve been wronged? What’s in your heart when you’re misrepresented by the very people you’re trying to help?

You might be facing the giant of INJUSTICE if…

  • You find yourself saying, “It’s not fair!”
  • You harbor the thought, “What about me?”
  • You start feeling as though no one really cares about you.
  • You start wanting others to hurt as badly as you’ve been hurt.

At i5 Church, we remind each other to “take the L.” For us, it’s a simple way to say, “stay low.” Go with the low – the humble – option. Humble yourself, and let God lift you up in his way and his time.

David had to conquer this giant inwardly before he could conquer giants outwardly.

If David was insecure, he would have worn Saul’s armor into the face-off with Goliath. Insecurity will cause you to question the call of God on your life. It will stifle creativity and splinter unity, and ultimately it will stop you short of God’s vision.

You might be facing the giant of INSECURITY if…

  • You are afraid of what the future holds.
  • You ask, “what if i fail?”
  • You’re slowed by the thought that maybe you’re not as good as everyone else.
  • You withhold offering ideas because you’re afraid they’ll be shot down.
  • You feel like a victim when your ideas aren’t accepted.

It is important to remember that God’s calling on your life isn’t based on your ability or your ingenuity, but on his sovereign grace.

Indecision can be paralyzing. Imagine if David had been indecisive. “Which stones should I choose from the brook?” “How many should I put in my pouch?” “Which one should I put in my sling?” “What part of Goliath should i aim for?”

Instead, we see David taking action, confident that God was directing.

You might be an INDECISIVE leader if…

  • You buy time by using this statement as an excuse, “I need to pray about it.”
  • You “take time to think about it” excessively.
  • You compulsively need change.
  • You avoid change at all, declaring the current scenario to be “good enough.”

Indecision can derail you from a divine appointment, missing even the very windows of opportunity that you’ve prayed for specifically. And if you continue in indecision, you’ll be a source of frustration to everyone on your team.

This certainly was one thing that David was not. He was compelled to face what others ignored.

Intimidation is one of the biggest and most common giants that leaders face. I’ve felt this at times as I’ve been able to get connected with ARC. Some of these guys are people I’ve looked up to for a long time, and now I’m getting to meet them. I have to decide whether I’m going to be a colleague or a fan. If i’m intimidated, i’m a fan. But if i honor them as I accept the opportunity God has given me through relationship with them, I’m a colleague – better yet, i’m a friend.

Intimidation will cause you to isolate. It will close your mind to new ideas, new relationships, and new methods.

You might be facing the giant of INTIMIDATION if…

  • You speak more of the wins of yesterday than the dreams of tomorrow.
  • You insult what you fear or don’t understand.
  • You engage in comparing yourself to others.
  • You put down others’ successes.
  • You are afraid of failure.

The good news is that all of these giants are conquerable. David’s words to Goliath are ours to these giants as well, “Today the Lord will conquer you…and the whole world will know that there is a God…” (I Samuel 17:46 NLT)

In part two of this post, we’ll talk about the 5 stones David chose and how he killed his giants.