4 Types of Advertising. Will you pick the right one?
September 4, 2016 Aly

4 Types of Advertising. Will you pick the right one?

September 4 2016

4 Types of Advertising - MauneyAre you going to take steps to spread the word about your church? If  your answer is “Yes, then choosing an appropriate channel (or type of advertising) is crucial.

In terms of marketing for the local church, there are a lot of different philosophies. I won’t make the argument again on the importance of church marketing. You can read a previous post here.

The ARC believes you should launch large. The common factor for most church plants closing is they dropped below 100 people. Most church plants experience a 50% attrition rate (half the attendees come back) after the first Sunday. So our goal for a new church plant is to have more than 200 people show up for the first Sunday. That way when half come back, they are able to maintain a healthy level of growth.

How do you get 200 people to show up? One important element is choosing the correct advertising channel. Here is a list of a few ways to advertise along with their pros and cons.  

Advertising Channels Pros and Cons

TV commercials:

  • Pros– TV has a broad audience and is a way for people to see you. It is easy for someone to answer to the question, “Would I BELONG there?”
  • Cons– It can be very expensive, and in a world that is driven by DVR, most people actively skip commercials now. Advertisers and marketing companies are shifting their strategy when it comes to commercials because of this phenomenon.  The other most obvious con is that it is hard to do this one really well. I have seen many church commercials, and outside of 1 or 2, they have always been a much lesser quality than every other commercial on tv.  This type also has limited ability to target a specific geographical location.

Radio Ads:

  • Pros– They are fairly reasonably priced. Radio stations focus toward certain demographics. If you know who you are trying to reach, they can be great.
  • Cons– When someone gets out of their car, you’ve lost your chance to reach them. This is a satellite radio, Pandora world, and with music on phones and mp3 players, radio use in younger demos are way down.

Banners and Signs

  • Pros– Great visibility in high traffic areas. People can see your name or brand over and over if they travel the same way.
  • Cons– Hard to measure the rate of return. Yard signs aren’t allowed in a lot of areas. Placing them out might let people know you are there, but it can also let them know you don’t think the rules apply to you.

Mass Mailing (Direct Mailing)

  • Pros– Tangibility.  It is in their hand and they have to do something with it.  Tens of thousands of targeted people will see your message. A 50,000 piece mailer will let approximately 125,000 people know you are in the city. This equals a lot of brand awareness. Mailers have a very measurable return rate. The current national average is half of 1%. So for a 50,000 piece mailer, you could expect 250 people.  It is cost effective because you aren’t spending money on getting the message to people outside your target geographical location.
  • Cons– You need to do a large one for effectiveness. This can be expensive.  If the mailer isn’t a good one, it can actually be a deterrent.  Both “cons” could be said for every form of marketing.

Hope some of this helps as you try and figure out a way to let people know your church is in the city. I pray God uses this to help you reach thousands of people in His name.

Question: What other ways can you let people know you are in the city?