6 Tips to Make Your Church Website Effective
September 4, 2016 Aly

6 Tips to Make Your Church Website Effective

September 4 2016

6 Tips to Make Your Church Website Effective - MauneyRight now 85% of people will spend a significant amount of time on your church website before they visit. Gone are the days of a quick glance at an ad in the newspaper or a quick flip to “church” in the yellow pages. People expect information via your website.

As my young children grow up they will never understand what life was like before iPads, iPhones, and the ability to Google anything and everything. For our church to be effective at reaching people who are far from God, we have to be able to create a viable presence on the web.

6 Tips to Make Your Church Website Effective

Remember your website is the first impression that most people will have of you.

  1. Have a professional create your website. There are a lot of places where you can launch a do-it-yourself site. 99% of those look horribly cheesy. While your weekend may be an incredibly excellent experience, that is not what your self-made website will be communicating. Pay the money for someone to design it for you.
  2. Make your site clean and easy to navigate. The most commonly utilized page on your site will be the times and directions. Make sure that people know when and where you meet. That info should be on or easily accessed from the home page.
  3. Answer the MOST ASKED QUESTION: “Who is the Leader?” People want to know who is in leadership. They are wondering if they will be able to fit in. This is the second most viewed page on our website. Make sure you have a contemporary looking photo (leave the Olan Mills stuff at home) and a good brief bio.  If you would like to see an example click here.
  4. Don’t use fake photos. Be real. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is load up your site with a bunch of stock photos. Your website is your chance to communicate who you are, and what they will be able to expect. Stock photos are disingenuous and they don’t connect with people.  If you don’t have quality photos, spend time finding some that reflect your church.
  5. Don’t lie.  I read mass mailers and look at websites all the time that are just not honest. Now I don’t think people are trying to lie, I just think they aren’t trying to tell the truth. Don’t put “the best kids ministry in town”  or “the best worship in the city” if you are a church plant or a church that is trying to revitalize. I can guarantee that none of those things are true. So tell people what they will actually get, passionate worship and a kids ministry that will be clean, safe and fun. These is all attainable and possible. I am convinced that when people don’t stay with us after initially responding to our marketing it has a lot to do with the fact that our marketing didn’t really shoot straight with them on what they were actually going to get when they got there.
  6. Use consistent branding. All of your marketing should tie together. The mailer, the website, the invite cards, all need the same graphic and language. It helps people understand that it is all from the same place and helps the recognition of your brand.

Hope some of this helps as you put together your website. Praying that God uses this to work together for His glory.

Question: What has helped you have a more effective web presence?