A Bigger, Better, Greater Plan
September 29, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

A Bigger, Better, Greater Plan

September 29 2014

Tiffany Cooper | Lead Pastor | People’s Church | Oklahoma City, OK

Nothing in my life has turned out exactly the way I envisioned. Whether good or bad, I’m 0% at predicting the exact details and outcomes of events. Prom was not the magical night I imagined as a little girl, childbirth was surprisingly easier than the dreaded scenario I envisioned (thank you epidurals), and love grows deeper than I knew possible. Whether I’m experiencing a thrill or a disappointment, I’ve learned that God is working on my behalf.

When we planted People’s Church in 2002, I was a young woman filled with unwavering faith, zealous passion, and uncontainable ambition.  We were going to reach the unchurched of our city and grow quickly; I had everything mapped out in my mind. But it didn’t take long to realize that my plans were not going to happen, not even close. We didn’t grow like I envisioned, we faced unexpected obstacles, and it required even MORE investment in EVERY way than I anticipated. At times it felt heavier than I could handle.

Bottom line, our church plant didn’t start the way I had planned but it definitely went according to God’s plans. I now know that I would have blown it if everything happened the way I wanted, like big-time blown it. I wasn’t ready. God needed to prune me, grow me, develop me, and refine me; I was being prepared so I could successfully navigate the next season of ministry.

Friends, if your church plant isn’t going according to your plan, take comfort in knowing that perhaps it’s because God is working his plan. Seek the Lord, listen for his voice, and search your heart. Are there areas God is refining in you? Is he in the process of preparing you for the season you desire? There is great value in every season of ministry…and life!

We should rejoice that God’s plans are bigger, better, and greater than ours!


Think about it. People made plans to kill Christ. They watched him take his last breath, dying on the cross. They buried him, some rejoiced while others mourned. But God had a better plan and on the third day Christ rose from the dead with all power. Friends, it doesn’t matter how lifeless and bleak your circumstances feel, God is always present with his best plan. Trust his plan today. Trust that his plan is bigger, better, and greater than yours!