A New Thing | DeLynn Rizzo

A New Thing | DeLynn Rizzo
January 11, 2016 Aly

DeLynn Rizzo | ARC Women | The Association of Related Churches | Birmingham, AL

Happy New Year – 2016 is here!

I’ve finally gotten all the Christmas decorations down and I’m attempting to get our house back in order and get back to our normal routine (if that really exists lol). Like most of you, we have begun our new year with prayer and fasting, believing God to speak to our hearts, for this year to be filled with God’s goodness, and that He would do in and through us more than we could ask or imagine. I think it is so important to give God the first of our year, showing Him He is first and foremost in everything.

If you’re anything like me, when I begin a new year, I reflect back on the previous year – over all the good days, the not so good days and the ones I wished never happened. I thank God for keeping me through it all, but sometimes I hang on to and drag with me things that I should let go of and not bring into the new year. Do you have things that you’re holding on to too? Let’s decide TODAY – TOGETHER – that we won’t bring any of the past hurt, pain, trials, or baggage into this year! AMEN!

I’m always astounded at the story of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years when their journey to the Promised Land should have taken them only 11 days. That’s so hard to believe an 11-day journey could actually take 40 years! The Israelites complained and kept going around the same mountains instead of letting go of their past and moving forward into their promised land. To me, that’s crazy! 40 years compared to 11 days (whoa!), but how many times do I do the same thing and keep going around and around the same mountains in my life, never letting go to trust God and move forward in God’s promises for me?

We need a mindset that believes Matthew 19:26 that with God all things are possible! God can do anything if we believe and let go of the strongholds holding us back. In fact, God wants to do a new thing in this new year! Let me encourage you with my Scripture for this year, in Isaiah 43:18-19, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you no perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” God is making a way for us through our wilderness and is at work on our behalf doing a new thing in us! Let’s not resist it or delay it any longer! It’s time for us to move on and hold to God’s hand for amazing days ahead!

So come on ARC Women, let’s embrace the new things God has for us this year and let go of the old! God is bigger than any disappointment, hurt, or battle we face! Let’s believe 2016 will be our best year yet!

Pray this prayer with me: God, I let go of 2015 and I fully embrace 2016! I trust you that you are doing a new thing in me and making a way for me even if I can’t see it right now! I know you can do anything and I believe for the impossible to become possible this year in my life! Help me to not go around the same mountains in my life anymore, but move forward to all you have for me. Amen.