A Note from Dino Rizzo – December 2018
December 22, 2018 Lindsey Hansen

A Note from Dino Rizzo – December 2018

Dino Rizzo
Dino Rizzo
December 22 2018

In 1976, my dad had a brain aneurysm at work and ended up spending Christmas in a coma in the hospital. That was a tough year for our family but praise God for healing my dad. When the next December rolled around, my Dad made sure that we never looked at Christmas the same. He taught us to see past the retail, the Rizzo family traditions, the toys, and school vacation and showed us that Christmas is a gift from Christ. He taught us to see the “Christ” in Christmas.

It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos, the busyness, and often our pain and loneliness. But I want to encourage you to make an intentional decision to see the “Christ” in Christmas – in every tiny and even ridiculous detail.

When you drag that tree down from the attic – remember how Jesus hung on a tree to save us from our sins.

When you plug in those strands of lights (you know, the ones that sometimes work but sometimes don’t) – remember the light of the Gospel that is ALWAYS working.

When you munch on a candy cane – (or that glorious peppermint bark from Williams Sonoma – I would slap that stuff between two slices of bread and make it a peppermint bark sandwich – say I won’t!) – remember the stripes Jesus bore for us, His crimson blood, and how He washes us white as snow.

Christmas isn’t a bunch of unrelated chaos – every single detail is woven together with a purpose and an intention from His hand alone.  Choose to see it!

One of the best ways to see Christ in Christmas is to be part of His plan.

I love the opportunities we get to serve others during Christmas time.  At Church of the Highlands, we host a Christmas shopping mall event called “Giving Hope” – for families in need. Last year I was blown away by the endless stories of lives changed through that experience. We saw children who didn’t know what prayer was – giving their hearts to Jesus. We saw prisoners getting to be heroes for their children. We saw a mom who had tried to commit suicide just weeks before, visit with us and give her heart to Jesus. Real lives changed because of people who chose to see and reflect Christ.

So many people need God. They need hope. And when we choose to see Christ in Christmas, our actions, our giving, and our posture will unite with His design and we will truly SEE Him like never before.

With Love & Appreciation,

Dino Rizzo
Executive Director, ARC