ARC International

ARC International

When ARC was formed over thirteen years ago, it was little more than a dream that a movement would be started. Two churches were planted that first year. Since then, ARC has started more than 500 churches around the United States with 93% of them still going after five years.

Now, ARC finds itself in relationships around the globe, and we’ve been asked to share our organizational model and church planter training. Already, some of those relationships have created an ARC type organization in Asia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands and Brazil.


If you are looking to build a life-giving network to plant churches in your nation, consider taking the following steps:


Our model is about strategic start-ups by using the right model, building teams, creating a life-giving environment and becoming self-sustaining. You can learn more about this model and whether it could be effective in your region by clicking on this link and watching our “8 Launch Essentials” video training.


Connect with ARC by attending one of our ARC Conferences or ARC Exchanges (a few of which are international). Meet new friends and pastors that can challenge you as a leader. Click here for more info.


Develop a group of like-minded pastors in your region that will share your vision of planting churches and reaching your nation. Find pastors that will invest in genuine relationships with each other and invest the needed finances to start up an ARC type organization in your nation.