Find a Church

Search for an ARC Church Near You!

The ARC Find a Church Map is a great tool to help find an ARC church in your area. We often hear stories from friends of ARC who have moved to a new community and used the map to find a new church home. Or from those traveling who were able to find a church to visit from the map. The map includes churches planted through ARC, upcoming church plants, and ARC Family churches*. It's so exciting to see new ARC churches added to communities every year.

*To be approved for the Find a Church Map, ARC Family churches meet ARC partnership requirements and go through an internal approval process. Through this process, each church has agreed they align with the ARC Values and Statement of Faith. However, these churches will always be operationally and legally autonomous from ARC, and ARC has no operational or legal authority over these churches. These requirements are reviewed annually, and the Find a Church Map is updated accordingly.