ARC Women Launches
June 29, 2011 Vicki Ohlerking

ARC Women Launches

June 29 2011

Hi everyone! Welcome to the launch of the ARC Women website! My name is Kerri Weems and I’m honored to spearhead the ARC Women team. After meeting most of you at the All Access 2010 conference in April of last year, we have put our heads together and developed a framework for what we hope will be a valuable resource for connecting, strengthening and inspiring pastors’ wives and women in ministry and leadership.

At first, we thought it would be a great idea to make this ministry exclusively for pastors’ wives. As a pastor’s wife myself, I know we often face unique challenges. For starters– “pastor’s wife.” What does that even mean? Is it a title? A position? A description of a role? Or just a by-product of being married to the man who happens to be the pastor of the church you go to? As pastors’ wives, we often start out on the journey with an identity crisis! (I’m sure there will be lots of talk around this subject later. )

But as we began to gather names and info, lots and LOTS of women who are not pastors’ wives came to the table just as hungry for connection and development. And we agreed that there’s no reason we can’t expand the vision a bit and make room for the wonderful female members of our staffs, our campus pastors, worship leaders, children’s directors, outreach directors, admin professionals…and the list goes on.

The truth is, no matter the role, women face distinct challenges in leadership and life. When we are equipped to navigate those challenges successfully, the results can be incredible for us, our families, and our churches. So we hope you’ll find our online community to be a useful resource as you seek to grow as a woman in leadership and as a member of the ARC family. We would love to hear your comments and ideas so connect with us and let us know your thoughts!

Kerri and the ARC Ladies Team