ARC Women Spotlight | Martha Fry
March 16, 2017 Kristin Mitchell

ARC Women Spotlight | Martha Fry

Martha Fry
Martha Fry
March 16 2017

This month’s ARC Women Spotlight features one of our lead team ladies, Martha Fry. Martha co-pastors C3 Church alongside her husband, Matt, and they have raised three amazing children. No matter how many years you have been in ministry, whether it’s been many or you’re just starting out, you are going to want to check out today’s post!

Name: Martha Fry

Church and City: C3 Church in Clayton, NC

Launch Date: October 1998

Current Role: Serves on the Executive Team & Oversees Creative Arts

Family: Matt Fry, Gloria Fry (21), Caroline Fry (20), Caleb Fry (18)


What did the picture look like for you when you and your husband started C3 Church? Were you always called to co-leadership or is it something that happened over time?

At the time we planted C3 we had two little girls. Gloria was 3, Caroline was 2, and I was pregnant with our youngest, Caleb. Matt and I served in youth ministry together for 6 years after we were married. When we started the church, we just kept serving alongside each other.


Prioritizing your marriage and family can be tough in busy ministry seasons. How do you manage to keep it all in order and keep your sanity (lol!)? 

First of all, it will never all be in order and you may not keep your sanity. 🙂 However, your life will become a living, organic organism. Things will change daily with what needs your attention, so listen to the Holy Spirit. He will let you know what your priorities need to be for that day. Sometimes it’s your kids, sometimes it’s church programs, and sometimes it’s people. Just know that they are ever-changing and that’s okay.


When things start to feel routine or monotonous, how do you stay motivated to keep going? 

I am an activator. So when things start to feel routine, I start looking to create or start something new. Whether that’s starting a new connect group, a new program, or even developing new leaders, I’ve found that starting new things gets me out of monotony.


You have three amazing kids who all love Jesus and are serving in the local church. What are some things you can share with the newer moms out there who are hoping to raise their younger kids with those goals in mind? 

We took them on the journey with us. So when we had multiple services – they attended one, served one, and would hang out with friends in our office (This started at about elementary age). They always had access to us, because our office was never closed off to them or their friends. As they got older, we always took one with us when we traveled. I did ask for help. When we were a portable church, we had someone stay at our house Saturday night and help get the kids ready on Sunday morning. There were seasons we had nannies so that I could work and homeschool. I also hired help cleaning the house. It takes a village… But I had to learn to ask for help.


What advice or encouragement would you give to someone who was just starting out on her church-planting journey alongside her husband?

Always be yourself and who God created you to be. Whether you’re a leader or like to be more behind the scenes, serve in the capacity that God has gifted you. Don’t compare yourself to other pastor’s wives. You’re the only founding pastor’s wife your church will ever have. So have fun and enjoy the journey!