ARC Women Spotlight | Meghan Robinson
July 13, 2017 Kristin Mitchell

ARC Women Spotlight | Meghan Robinson

Meghan Robinson
Meghan Robinson
July 13 2017

Name:  Meghan Robinson

Church and City:  The Movement Church in South Orange County, CA

Launch Date:  September 9, 2012

Current Role (if any):  Co-Lead Pastor

Family:  Husband Carey, and daughters Brooklyn (13) and Avery (8)


How and when did God place the call to plant a church on yours and Carey’s hearts?

Carey and I first had the dream of starting a church in the summer of 2006. We knew it was a “later” dream and not a “now” dream, so we set it on the shelf and trusted God with the timing. In March of 2011 it became evident that it was time and with the blessing of our pastors and their full support we started the process!


Was there ever a time during the planting process (or after the church was up and going) that things got hard and you wanted to quit? What kept you going?

NEVER! Ha!!! So many times! The first year of our church plant was so challenging. You have to be a visionary and a little crazy 🙂 to start a church and we are! The challenge came when our experience didn’t match our expectation. WE don’t have the explosive growth story… ours has always been slow and stead and that first year was SLOW!  We kept trying to dream big while not being discouraged with the process! I believe 3 things helped me keep going: (1.) I stood on the word from God, that He called us to start the church and He would be the one to build it. (2.) I talked with other pastors and friends about the struggle. Vulnerability is challenging because it feels like it is fully uncovering weakness but Carey and I wouldn’t be where we are today without real friends who celebrated our victories and encouraged us through the struggles. (3.) We celebrated the wins. No matter how small, every life change was a reminder of God’s faithfulness. For the first year of the church 60% of our church got saved in our church!


What has God done in or through your church that has left you in awe of His greatness?  

This list could go on and on! We see so many people with no church background coming to know Jesus and His power that is available to them! Just this year, we have seen over 200 salvations! This never gets old! I also have seen God write so many redemption stories through our church! In our short 5 years we have walked through a handful of really crazy situations and not only have we seen the hand of God redeem what seemed irreversible, we have seen God establish a beautiful culture of grace and open arms within the heart of our church!


What measures do you take to make sure you are spending enough time taking care of yourself, your husband, your family, along with a growing church? 

We are huge advocates of taking a “sabbath!” If God could rest for a day….we can to! We are very protective of our Mondays. We say “no” to everything that doesn’t involve our family and activities that encourage and refresh us! Carey and I work together and spend a lot of time with one another, but for any of you who operate in this way, you know that is more challenging than romantic! 🙂 We prioritize date nights and consistently get away on little adventures to have fun with one another! We don’t set aside talking church because it’s our favorite topic, but we don’t discuss problems either. We use those times to dream! With our family, we actively engage our kids in building the church! It’s as much a priority to them as it is to us! My youngest brings a change of shoes every Sunday on her own because she wants to be a part of tear down! Their favorite day of the week is our longest meeting day because they get to play with their friends! Our life is building the church and we love it! We do take lots of opportunities with the kids to take them on little adventures to stay at hotels and we celebrate the fact that they are pastors’ kids and they get some special privileges with that! We also love nights at home, family dinners, playing outside and cuddling on the couch! It requires intentionality and living not a busy life, but a planned life! We wouldn’t have it any other way!


What advice or encouragement would you give to someone who was just starting out on her church-planting journey alongside her husband?

Just don’t give up! Make sure that you are making the investment in your own soul because out of the richness of your relationship with Jesus you will find the grace for every season! Love your husband and make time for him. In the midst of the busyness, laugh and enjoy the journey! These are the good ol’ days and you’ve only just begun! Don’t forget that just like a baby has to learns to crawl before it walks…your church plant is not going to be everything you dreamed of “walking and talking” in year one! Be patient with the process and enjoy it! It’s sure to be an exciting ride!

We are praying for you and cheering you on! xoxo