Being Present Matters
March 19, 2019 ARC Churches

Being Present Matters

March 19 2019

By Robin McCoy
Champions Centre | Tacoma, WA

Recently, as I headed to church one Sunday morning, I was simply asking God why people, team members, don’t come. Why do they think it’s okay to not show up? Then, it hit me. Maybe they don’t think it matters if they are at church. Or, worse, maybe, just maybe, they don’t think that they matter or that they make a difference.

As a staff and team, we try to be so good at what we do that we make things happen no matter what the circumstances. I wondered if, in their minds, they don’t think that it matters one way or the other if they show up.

Perhaps, they don’t know that they are needed. (Everyone wants to feel needed.) Maybe they don’t realize that there is a reason they’re supposed to be at their post. Maybe they are unaware that God has something brewing, and they are meant to be a part of it. Could it be that they don’t know there is a God-assigned connection that has been divinely appointed for them? Do they know that by just standing in a crosswalk with a smile and handshake, they might prevent someone from taking their life?

That must be it. They don’t realize that they matter and are making a difference every time they show up, and if they aren’t here, we miss them, and we notice.

At Champions Centre, we believe that every single person matters. We may not show it all of the time, and just like family, we sometimes take things or people for granted. We may all have our heads down, getting the job done and not stop often enough to tell team members we appreciate them.

But today, we want to look up and let them know we see them, we appreciate them, and they matter. Each team member is really good at what he or she does, and the difference each of them makes is greater than they realize.

If you haven’t told anyone lately that they matter, tell them today. Tell them, they are noticed, and it really does matter that they show up to your church. I know that I know: God is going to use them to change lives every time that they show up.

Robin McCoy is the Executive Connections Director at Champions Centre with pastors Kevin and Sheila Gerald in Tacoma, WA. She and her team make it possible for people to experience Jesus every weekend without barriers. 

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