Embrace the inevitable
August 12, 2013 Vicki Ohlerking

Embrace the inevitable

August 12 2013

Post by Tiffany Cooper | People Church | OKC | Twitter

It was almost three years ago that I sat in my car while holding back tears as I texted Lori. The text said something like this:

Today is a hard day. I just wanted to take some time to be alone and look around a furniture store. I walked out and now I’m sitting in the car after having multiple people talk about me as I passed by them in the store. Sometimes I just want to blend in unnoticed. Blah!

Have you ever had this experience? A moment when you just wanted to shop without people talking about you or people looking to see what you’re buying? I have them now and then. It’s an incredible privilege to serve God as a woman in ministry and while I embrace how that affects my life, I do have to be careful not to let negativity or bitterness creep into my heart.

I have made a decision to embrace the inevitable aspects of my life in ministry.  Here are just three inevitable’s that I now embrace:

  1. The moment I walk out of my house “I’m on”. Regardless of where I go, my life is on display. My every action and every word is evaluated and sometimes scrutinized by others. Just like my moment in the furniture store, I was “on” the moment I walked through their door. Despite those moments, it is a blessing to have the influence to impact others lives without saying a word.
  2. I live each day of my life misunderstood by others. People believe things about me that are untrue, they gossip about me, they draw conclusions about situations that are inaccurate and they want to see me fail. Once I accepted the truth that God’s purpose was more important than others opinion, I began to feel freedom from pleasing everyone. Embracing this reality brought incredible freedom in my life.
  3. People hold me to a higher standard. I used to feel confined because I had to think about what I said and did all the time. The things I freely said in my pre-pastor’s wife days were now interpreted in a totally different way. It was not an integrity issue because I have always strived to live a life of integrity as a Christ  follower, it was a matter of learning to live a life of wisdom in boundaries. I stopped fighting this reality and embraced living a life held to a higher standard.

In those moments when you feel overwhelmed with the negative side affects of ministry, remember why we give ourselves to God’s call. The enemy often uses people, events and situations to prevent us from reaching that mark but we don’t have to fall prey, we can find freedom and joy in this life full of inevitable’s.

Have you ever had a moment like mine in the furniture store? How do you handle situations like these?