Event and Outreach Ideas for Your Women’s Ministry
September 26, 2011 Vicki Ohlerking

Event and Outreach Ideas for Your Women’s Ministry

September 26 2011

“DeLynn, you have been so active with women’s ministry here. God bless you for that. My self-esteem has grown so much because of that. Can you share some of the programs you all have had? Like pamper night, the single mom’s auto detailing…where could we begin to implement those wonderful outreach ideas?”


There are many ways for your church to reach out to the girls in your community. Women LOVE TO gather! We look for any excuse to come together and hang out with the girls. Because of this dynamic, I have found that offering women’s events and outreaches are great ways to reach out! Healing Place Women loves to host women’s events. It has always been my heart to offer environments for women from all walks of life to come together, connect, and build lasting relationships.

Out of this desire, we have hosted a variety of events like Pamper Nights, Chick Brunch, Chick Nights, and Christmas Parties. Pamper Night is definitely one of my favorite events. This is a night where we invite spas from all over the city to come and offer their services to women for free. I always love to watch how this event impacts women! It makes each of them feel so valued. The best spas in town send their top manicurists, massage therapists, and cosmetologists to pamper and love on the women in our community. Pamper Night is always a huge win!

Chick Brunch is also popular with our girls. We schedule it a few weeks before Christmas and invite boutiques from around the city to set up booths and bring some of their best selling items. The morning starts off with a brunch, a fashion show showing some of the items for sale, and a guest speaker. After a great morning of fellowship, the girls take to the boutiques and finish up their Christmas shopping. Chick Brunch is another win for the Kingdom!

Outreaches are something very close to our hearts here at HPC. Every year, we provide opportunities for our ladies to reach out into the community. One of our most successful outreaches is our Single Moms, Military Wives and Widows Car Prep. The women receive free car maintenance and basic car repairs from the men of our church, while our girls give free manicures and massages. I believe it’s one of the most successful outreaches. We also try to provide opportunities for our girls to serve at our Baton Rouge Dream Center, battered women’s shelters, and provide help to single mom’s at Christmas. I believe serving is key.

Events and outreaches are a great way to reach the girls in your community. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s very important to offer something that is relevant to the women in your community. Also, we’ve learned that offering childcare allows for more moms to get involved. And finally, I would definitely recommend splurging a little on the food and décor. As women, we all love things to look nice, so pay attention to the details… mints in the bathroom, beautiful décor, and of course….lots of chocolate!

Love, Delynn

Written by Delynn Rizzo, Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA