Facilitate and Maintain Personal Growth – PT 1
April 23, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

Facilitate and Maintain Personal Growth – PT 1

April 23 2012

This past January, my husband Paul and I just celebrated our one year anniversary as a church! A year and a half ago, in June 2010, we moved to New York City with a dream in our heart and the audacity to believe that we could plant a church that would influence a city that influences the world. Now, just a little over a year out from the first service in the Tribeca Cinemas in lower Manhattan, we’ve gone from 9 of us (including our 3 kids) around a picnic table in Central Park, to two communities in this city that has stolen our hearts.

The fundamentals that I have learned while rolling up my sleeves alongside my husband, getting my hands dirty and planting Liberty Church, are fundamentals I will never graduate from…

I hope these four fundamentals will help you wherever you find yourself in your own journey.  I find it integral to everything we do as women.

Facilitate and Maintain Personal Growth

Fundamental #1 : Our first ministry is to our family—hands down.


If you could look inside my heart and physically see my value system, I ooze family. I LOVE my family. My husband is the greatest gift and compliment to my life. My children add spice and joy and put my soul through tests that I never knew I’d have to face. And that’s why, deep down, I love building a family atmosphere into church. My blood family is the earthly gift that God has given me to steward over, love, and see the greatest return through my investment into each of their lives.

Someone once said something to me to the effect of: “It’s great to see countless people saved on alter calls and have church growth, but if at the end of it all, your own children aren’t in love with God and serving Him, then somewhere we missed it.”

We’re called to make disciples, and the first ones Paul and I are called to “make” are our children. I understand that they have free will and we can’t will them to serve God, but the banner over our door reads, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” We will give them our time and our lives to have the best shot at a deep, loving, real, pure relationship with Jesus. We will disciple them and raise them up in the way that they should go until it’s time to push them out of the nest and see them fly.

Our church will grow and be in good health, but our first ministry will always be to our family. My family will never play second fiddle.

Fundamental #2:  Don’t sacrifice your relationship with God on the altar of “busyness.”

Hello! We all have busy, full lives—churches to pastor and build, marriages that are destined to flourish, children to lead and love, houses to clean and manage, friendships to invest into….ahhhhh! Jesus, where are you?

Honestly, I have found that with every season, I have to figure out once again how to have an intimate, satisfying relationship with God. When do I get time to pray? To read the Word? To dream and create? It’s not sexy, but once again, it comes down to boundaries and planning, “priority management,” as my husband calls it.

If you’re not getting time with God, then you’re not operating at full capacity, and we’ve all been there; feeling a bit like a wilting plant with roots that are shallow and malnourished. If you’re there even now as you read this, just decide to begin to work on your priorities today.

Find a Bible reading plan on Youversion.com that is short and to the point, even five minutes a day, and read it on your iPad or phone before you roll out of bed. Buy a devotional that gets the word of God into you somehow on a daily basis. Listen to the Bible on your iPod or iPad as you get ready in the morning (if you can sneak the time to have a shower… ha!). Before you flick on the TV at night, take five minutes to pray, focus, and read a passage of Scripture.

And, more than anything, go with the flow of each season. Don’t let self-condemnation stop you from starting something today. If you are flourishing and in good health in your relationship with God, then your marriage, family, and church will follow suit.

I truly hope these two fundamentals will help or inspire you in some way!  You can also check out a short documentary about our first year in NYC here:

“Our Story” Liberty Church NYC // First Anniversary Documentary…

Stay in the fight…you are so important!

-Andi Andrew

ARC WOMEN READERS: This is Part 1 of 2 Parts to “Facilitate and Maintain Personal Growth”…stay tuned next week for Fundamentals 3 & 4.