November 2, 2015 Aly


November 2 2015

Sarah Keller | Executive Director | Next Level Church | Fort Myers, FL

I have to admit, I love rollercoasters! Especially the super tall ones that have that “click, click, click, click…” sound for what seems like an eternity. My heart starts to pound and the higher I get, I start thinking…

“Why did I do this to myself?”

“Has anyone ever died on here before?”

“Maybe if I yell right now, they will turn this thing around.”

And then, just at the moment where I wish I could get off the rollercoaster, it happens! I crest the hill, the rush comes, and from that moment on, I scream and raise my hands and have the best time ever!

It’s crazy how when I hear the “clicking” sound, fear instantly sets in. I know I like rollercoasters. I know I’m not going to die. I know it will be fun. But there is that moment in time when I have to face that fear, throw my hands up and just enjoy the ride!

Life can be a lot like a rollercoaster, can’t it? Especially in ministry, there are a lot of moments where we decide to “go for it” and then wonder, “What was I thinking?” I remember when my husband, Matt, first asked me to speak by myself at our church. I was 28, had two boys under 5 and our church was only 2 years old. I had never spoken in public and was scared to death. But I knew that God was asking me to do it. So, I faced that fear, stood up on that Sunday in our portable movie theater church and spoke.

I’d like to say that was the last time I was ever afraid to speak, but that’s not true. After ten years, I’ve spoken many other times and had to face that fear every single time!

About six months ago, Matt and I were driving in the car and I was talking about a project that I was working on where I had really stepped out on a limb. He looked at me and said, “Wow, you are fearless. I love that about you.” It took me off guard. I thought, “I’m not fearless. Why would he say that?” A couple weeks later, I had a friend text me and she said, “Thank you for being fearless.” I thought, “What? There it is again.” So this time, I asked her why she described me that way.

Her response was just the answer I needed, “When I wrote fearless it was because I know the deep trust that you have in the Lord and because of that, it makes you fearless!”

And there it was…

Being fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s coming face to face with that fear and trusting God! Psalm 56:3 says, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” You see, we can be fearless when we know that it’s not our calling, but it’s His calling. We can be fearless when we know that it’s not us, but it’s Him through us!

So, where have you been functioning in fear? What is God calling you to do and you’ve been afraid to step out? I would encourage you to put your trust in Him. He’s got you. He’s not going to let you down.

Let’s be fearless. Ride that rollercoaster knowing that you will be nervous at times, but trust in God and have a blast doing it!