Going the Distance

Going the Distance
January 10, 2020 ARC Churches

In this session from the 2019 ARC Conference in Langley, BC, Canada, Pastor Justin Reimer sits down with a panel of pastors and leaders to discuss longevity. We oftentimes discuss the ‘why’ behind longevity in leadership, but this conversation focuses on the ‘how’. How do we develop grit and a worthwhile legacy? How do we go the distance?


Notes from this session:
7 Deadly Siphons (that can pull your enthusiasm & cause you not to go the distance):
1. Words without actions
2. Busyness without purpose
3. Calendars without a sabbath
4. Relationships without mutual nourishment
5. Pastoral personality without self examination
6. Natural giftedness without spiritual power
7. Enormous theology without adequate spirituality
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