He Wants Your Heart: A Word to Church Planting Wives

He Wants Your Heart: A Word to Church Planting Wives
September 27, 2015 Aly

Christine Hoover

A time of transition is almost always a challenge, but the transition of being called to ministry adds an entirely new aspect of the challenge of transition in our lives. As church planting wives, we feel the call of God upon our lives, but starting off is never easy. Christine Hoover, wife of a church planting pastor and stay-at-home-mom, knows all about the valleys and mountains in the journey of planting a church. In her article, “He Wants Your Heart: A Word to Church Planting Wives,” she describes her enthusiasm to fulfill the call of God on her life, the trials, bitterness, resentment, and doubt, and the beautiful process of refinement and growth that she experienced on the church-planting journey. Through the difficulty, the heartache, and the trials that she faced, Christine shares that she opened her hand and allowed God to refine her, making her a clean vessel that God could use. She encourages us with the beautiful truth of God’s love and His desire to strengthen us with His might during the process of refinement.

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