How My Calling Discovered Me
October 7, 2015 Aly

How My Calling Discovered Me

October 7 2015

Steve WiensHow did your journey in ministry begin? Take a moment to reflect on that moment when you felt the call of God on your life – the powerful moment when you knew He liked you, He saw you, and He chose you. As church planters and leaders, it is easy to become preoccupied and lose sight of our calling, especially in the midst of busy seasons. In this article, Steve Wiens, pastor of Genesis Covenant Church in Maple Grove, MN, urges you to remember your calling and the remarkable way that it found you. Steve honestly and wisely shares, “My experience is that your calling discovers and rediscovers you when you abandon the ridiculous things you’re doing and move towards a life that is integrated and whole and centered on God.”

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