How to Get Unstuck
March 3, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

How to Get Unstuck

March 3 2014

Toni Camp | Lead Pastor | Oasis Church | Pascagoula, MS

We all have felt that inner feeling of just being stuck.  It feels very stagnant, uncomfortable and sometimes sad.  There are many different things that lead us to being stuck.  It could be as simple as leading a responsible and busy life, or the pressure that being in ministry can place on us.  Sometimes the drive to be “successful” or the fact that things didn’t turn out quite like we wanted them to can lead us to feeling stuck.

However, the good news is that no matter what led you to feeling stuck, you have found yourself in some very fertile ground for transformation to occur! You see, this stuck feeling is an indicator that something needs to change and as women in ministry we know that we are called to be change agents. It is just that usually the change has to begin within us!!  So, here are 4 ways to start getting UNSTUCK!!

  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Do a spiritual inventory.  Are you so busy doing ministry that you have neglected your own time with God?  Doing this will leave you running on empty and you will find yourself stuck on the side of the road completely out of gas!
  2. Let go of the past! Most of us spend entirely too much time looking in the rear view mirror.  In order to become unstuck, you are going to have to start looking forward so you can see where you are going!! Whatever happened is over. Forgive who you need to forgive, even if that person is you.  And get moving!
  3. Unplug! Social media is a great tool. However, it can also be a great big comparison trap.  Turn it all off for a while! We all love to see what our friends in ministry are doing, but if we are not careful we start comparing ourselves to them and internally competing with them.  We compare our blooper reel to their highlight reel and we feel as if we just don’t measure up. Nothing will make you feel more stuck than comparing yourselves to others and social media makes it way too easy to do that.  Be thankful for where you are and what you are doing, it is hard everywhere! Unplug and check your social media motives.
  4. Change it up! Most of us are creatures of habit. We love our routines and routines are not bad. However, it would be good to throw some changes into your life! One routine that is easily created is that of focusing on the negative. Focus on feelings of gratitude instead.  Drive a different way to work or change your eating habits. Actually do something for yourself for a change!

Remember, if you find yourself stuck, it is just fertile ground for life change to occur. Trust God, He may just be leading you to make some minor tweaks that will take you giant peaks!