I Have a Confession
November 21, 2011 Vicki Ohlerking

I Have a Confession

November 21 2011

I have a confession: I’ve been to the doctor secretly hoping they would find something physically wrong with me.  Before you think I’m crazy, let me explain.  My life was getting hectic with church activities, women’s meetings, kids’ practices, and I had a couple of long weeks of not feeling myself — nervousness, shortness of breath, trouble falling asleep.

So logically, I reasoned I must be sick. Something must be going haywire in my body, probably my hormones. After all, aren’t all life’s issues blamed on hormones? They get such a bad rap!  So I made myself a doctor’s appointment, convinced I’d walk out the office with a pill that would solve my problems and get me back on the path to normal. There was simply no time to feel  “off.”

But that didn’t happen.

“Mrs. Henagan, you’re results are perfectly normal,” the doctor said. “You’re good to go.”

“What do you mean, normal,” I said, slightly annoyed. “Did you check my thyroid? My hormones? My cholesterol?  My blood sugar?”

Yes, he had. Everything checked out great. I was physically healthy. And while a part of me was relieved, the other part felt discouraged and a little afraid, because that meant the problem was just…me.

Deep down I knew I was on overload, and there’s no magic pill to take for overload. I was doing too much, thinking about too much, carrying too much, and my body had had enough. It was getting my attention, and I knew I had better listen to it before it really burnt out and my next doctor’s report was a negative one.

I made a decision to stop going into the church office as much, to take captive the thoughts that caused me worry, to enjoy down time instead of feeling guilty for it. I started reaching out to friends more and calling other women in ministry I respected to ask for advice. I reminded myself that it’s God’s job to run the world—not mine.

It’s common for women in ministry to feel overwhelmed, but it doesn’t make it healthy, though, especially for long periods of time. Ask yourself a question right now: AM I EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY? If you’re not, ask God to show you what you are carrying that you weren’t designed to carry. Perhaps you need to say “no” more often, maybe you need to hire some help, maybe it’s as simple as taking control over your mind. Whatever it is, don’t put off your emotional health. It’s far too important.

This time of year, it’s important to enjoy your life, your family and loved ones.  Don’t just make to-do lists just for the sake of a to-do list.  Rather, make more with less, make room for the simple things in life, and spend some time just taking in God’s goodness.  Meditating on Him, will make all the difference!

Written by: Stacy Henagan, Keypoint Church