Idea: Host a Football Sunday Event
January 11, 2015 Vicki Ohlerking

Idea: Host a Football Sunday Event

January 11 2015


ESPN’s Trent Dilfer has a great idea how churches can make the most of Super Bowl Sunday for the Gospel.

Football Sunday is a 30-minute sermon-replacement video hosted by ESPN’s Trent Dilfer and presented by Featuring exclusive interviews with active and retired NFL players as well as players from both Super Bowl Teams (yet to be determined, naturally), this production highlights how the increase of Christ and the decrease of self (John 3:30) has played out in their lives; sometimes through experiences that are unique to pro football players, but more often through experiences that are common to all people and thus extremely relatable.

We hope the local Church will seize the opportunity to use the huge pop-culture event of the Super Bowl to invite in the unchurched. Two versions will be available: One with a Gospel presentation and invitation by former NFL player/pastor of The Rock Church Miles McPherson, and one without Miles’ presentation so that the local pastor may present the Gospel and invitation if they prefer. The package will also include a welcome video and a worship team tee-up video that churches can use at their option in service programming as well. Promotional and support materials are available here.

Along with the 30-minute video, the Football Sunday package includes a welcome video and a worship team tee-up video you can incorporate into your service. Sign up to be part of Football Sunday by clicking below (it’s free!).

Choose to participate in Football Sunday and offer your community something uniquely inspiring on Super Bowl Weekend by signing up at

Plus, get all your Football Sunday pre-event promotional materials on Open! Like everything on Open, the Football Sunday promo package and materials are 100% free. But remember, you have to sign up in advance to be part of this unique simulcast experience.

Visit for all the details.