In Honor of Father’s Day
June 11, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

In Honor of Father’s Day

June 11 2012

Yesterday at church, my husband encouraged all the men to be at church this coming weekend as we’ll be celebrating dads.  And he took it one step further and deemed this week “Father’s Week”!  Okay, okay…I’ll let him have his fun!

So with Father’s Day right around the corner, I want to take today’s blog and thank God for all of the godly men in our lives, because as a woman in ministry and leadership, I am only effective and empowered because of the strong, godly men that I run alongside, work under and submit to.   And I’m eternally grateful for their leadership, wisdom, authority and oversight.

Now, I’m no saint and I have to admit that there’s still part of my flesh that cringes at the word “submission,” but I’m growing — don’t judge — ha! — But I’m learning more and more to appreciate the GIFT that God established when He placed men on the Earth to lead.  I’m grateful for a husband and pastors who appreciate women and their dreams, strong personalities and desire to be on the front lines, but the longer I go in ministry and pastoring, the more I realize how good God’s plan was for men and women to rule and reign together AND in order — for we compliment, help and build up one another all for the glory of God and His church as we work under the same power and for one mission.

Now, let’s just admit it — some days can just be plain frustrating in working together, as we try to flesh through personality differences, communication styles and just the sheer differences between males and females.  But I’m growing ever more aware and appreciative of why God made men the way they are.  I’ve observed some of the godly men that lead ARC and its churches, and I’ve noticed with overwhelming awe three character traits that they hold and the beautiful way they balance them.  I know I need to take a lesson and follow their great example.

Boldness With Humility

Power With Meekness

Relevance With Wisdom

We have bold, humble, powerful, meek, relevant and wise men that lead ARC and its churches!  They’re just amazing, and I believe God is doing an incredible work with them! We should be so proud of the way we’re led!  My encouragement to you is to take this week and thank God for them, pray for them, bless them, speak well of them, and just flat out spoil them!  I’m going to be intentional about avoiding the temptation of nagging, criticizing, weighing them down and, instead, be the cheerleader and best helpmate I can possibly be!  The stronger our men are, the stronger we’ll be, so let’s lead well and honor our fathers.

Here’s to a happy “Father’s Week”!

Crystal Tullos

StoryHeights Church






– Contributor to the ARC Women’s Blog