Insights From #ARC16BHM
May 15, 2016 Aly

Insights From #ARC16BHM

May 15 2016

Insights from #ARC16BHM copyThroughout the week of ARC16BHM, leaders used social media to share speakers’ words and thoughts that resonated with them. Here, we’ve collected the tweets and posts of the week:

Thousands of church leaders worldwide gathered in Birmingham, Alabama, and via the live webcast, to celebrate the last 15 years of ARC’s impact on church planters and church planting. Throughout the week, leaders used social media, #ARC16BHM, to share speakers’ words and thoughts that resonated with them. Below, we’ve collected some of the insights that moved people to action:


“Often where you are most afraid is where you are most anointed.” Rick Bezet

“Your only job is to help your players play better.” Tony Dungy

“You might be one conversation away from a breakthrough.” Greg Surratt

“28 seasons are mentioned in Ecclesiastes, but none of them is the season to quit!” Jentezen Franklin

“God requires intimacy for things to multiply.” Chris Hodges

“The decisions you make today dictate the stories you will have to tell later. Choose wisely!” Julie Mullins

“There’s one thing we cannot delegate: passion.” Shawn Lovejoy

“If it’s cold in the pews, there is a polar bear in the pulpit!” Larry Stockstill

“The value of at team: Most of the time not all of you want to quit at the same time.” Shawn Lovejoy


“Someone else’s eternity hangs in the balance of my obedience.” Dave Sumrall

“Jesus planted His life so we can plant churches.” John Gray

“When we forget about people who are hurting, we forget about Jesus.” Rick Bezet

“Jesus didn’t die FOR you. He died AS you!” John Gray


“Your kids need you to lead them. I’d rather miss the mark on holding on too tightly than letting go too quickly” Chris Hodges

“Lord, I will trust Your heart even when I can’t see Your face.” John Gray

“Jesus redeems our yesterday, is enough for our today, and is already in our tomorrows.” Dino Rizzo

“A friend knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you forget it.” Greg Surratt


“If pride can get an archangel kicked out of Heaven, it can suck the Heaven out of you.” Rick Bezet

“God is attracted to honesty, not perfection.” Chris Hodges

“Jesus didn’t become a man so He could understand us, but so that we could understand Him.” Willie George

“Pride is protecting something that’s not worth protecting.” Chris Hodges

Twitter and Blog Posts About ARC 2016

Robert Courson: “Someone else’s eternity hangs in the balance of your obedience.” Thank you @friardave for a powerful reminder.

Todd Foster: @Willie_George, he blessed me. Powerful man of God. Us older guys still have swag, too!

Meagan Haghshenas: ARC is hot like (Surratt)-cha!

Luke Vogel: #ARC16BHM was nothing short of incredible! The local church is the hope of the world…

John Francis: As one who served at #ARC16BHM, I don’t have quotes from the main sessions, but I do have stories of lives changed in the hallways!

Quinton Runyon: Thank you for making #ARC16BHM available online. I wasn’t able to make it, and still you make a way.

Noah Nickel Biggest takeaways from #ARC16BHM: 1) Do ministry with your friends 2) Be authentic and unashamed to be you (good life mottos too!)

Sun City Church Pastor Danny Schultz: Top 5 moments from ARC

ARC 2016 also will be on the West Coast this fall, Oct. 18-19, at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, California (Los Angeles). Click here to learn more and register.