It Comes with Transition

It Comes with Transition
May 7, 2019 ARC Churches

We wanted to share this audio from a recent ARC Meetup at Substance Church in Minneapolis, MN with special guest Andi Andrew. Peter and Carolyn Haas are the pastors of Substance Church and members of the ARC Lead Team.

Paul and Andi Andrew started Liberty Church in NYC in 2011. Liberty Church has become a thriving faith community with multiple locations across New York City. Their dream is “to influence a city that influences the world” and with each passing year the list of nations grows in which Liberty is having an impact through missions and church planting.

It Comes with Transition
with Andi Andrew

  1. Count the cost of change.
  2. Recognize transition when you’re in it.
  3. Disorientation is normal in transition.
  4. Don’t fight transition. Pain is normal in the shifting of seasons.
  5. Grief is normal and necessary in transition.
  6. Have vision in transition.
  7. Ask God, “What can I learn in transition?”

ARC Meetups are an easy way to connect with other local pastors and couples in your city. Meetups of all shapes and sizes are held across the country, throughout the year. Everything from lunch, coffee, and golfing, to larger prayer and training events.

Meetups are not restricted to just ARC Family. We hope you will use these events as a time to invite other local pastors and leaders from your community to attend and build relationships with them. If we truly want to impact our cities, we believe that we need to do it together – working alongside other believers and life-giving churches, to reach more people with the message of Jesus. 

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