Application Process

Do I need to apply to receive funding for a new church?
Yes. It it easy to start the process, simply click here to get started.  Launch funds are only available to those that have completed the entire ARC Launch process and have been approved in the Qualify phase.

How do I pay for someone else’s registration?
You can do this by contacting us at [email protected] and we will walk you through donating their registration.


What are the benefits of becoming an ARC Church Planter?

  • $30,000 – $50,000 toward the launch
  • Additional $20,000, if needed, during the first six months to help your new church meet its budget
  • Coaching and training from successful church planters and pastors
  • Mentoring from some of the fastest growing churches in America
  • Access to ARC’s resources and partnerships
  • Church listed on the ARC website map
  • Regular communication and notification of all upcoming church launches

Existing Churches

Do you relaunch existing churches?
We offer training videos, resources and coaching networks but we do not financially invest in relaunches.


Do church plants give back 10 percent or 2 percent?
It takes big money to plant a church, and when it comes to funding, our goal is to make sure you have the resources you need. If you complete all steps in the ARC process we will match the money you raise by contributing $30,000 – $50,000 in the form of a zero-interest loan plus and up to an additional $20,000, if needed, during the first six months to help your new church meet its budget.

Starting on month seven, after your launch, you will begin to repay ARC at a rate of 10 percent of your church income. Since ARC churches give 10 percent (or a tithe) to missions, this amount counts as your missions dollars during the repayment period.

Once you have repaid the funds loaned to you by ARC, your missions giving will be 2 percent to ARC and 8 percent or more to your choice of recipient(s).

Does donated equipment count towards raising my $30K in matching funds?
No. We want to be sure a church planter has raised no less than $30K in cash prior to launch date.

Sponsoring Churches

What is a sponsoring church?
Every church planter is required to have a sponsoring church.  The sponsoring church not only vouches for your character and calling, but will re-invest your launch funds into another church planter should your church fail and you become unable to re-invest yourself.