Start a Church – Overview


If you have a call from God and a passion to see lives changed, it’s time to prepare for the journey to start a church. Our goal is to help you succeed by providing you with the necessary tools to launch a life-giving church.

How it Works

ARC Launch is designed to take you from the dream of starting a church to the reality of launch day by walking you through a four-phase process.  These phases include EXPLORE, TRAIN, QUALIFY and START.

Start a Church

  • EXPLORE | This is your entry point into the ARC Launch process.  In this phase you will set up your MY ARC LAUNCH profile, complete our online video training called the “8 Launch Essentials,” and learn more about the ARC church planting model.
  • TRAIN | In this phase you will have the opportunity to attend our two-day live training event called ARC Launch Training.  This event is taught by experienced church planters and covers topics such as: how to build a launch team, fundraising, effective marketing, how to design a great weekend service, and how to implement an easy assimilation process that works.
  • QUALIFY | The Qualify Phase is for those pastors interested in planting a new church with ARC. There are two steps: Application and Interviews. Once you complete your application, the Qualify Team will evaluate your submitted information. If your application is approved to move forward, you will receive an invitation to the second step, which is the Interviews.
  • START | In the Start phase you will receive launch coaching, accomplish launch milestones, and receive funding dedicated towards your launch.  This final phase of ARC Launch can only be entered after being approved in the Qualify Phase.

When you launch a church with ARC, here’s what you’ll get.

  • Training | World-class training from pastors and leaders who are devoted to seeing you win.
  • Launch Coaching | Coaching from ARC church planters who have walked the path you’re embarking upon as you launch your church.
  • Funding | We will match dollar-for-dollar the first $50,000 you raise if you meet the ARC Launch milestones.
  • Relationship | This is at the core of who we are. We are committed to building relationship with each other and to ensuring that none of our church planters ever do ministry alone. Your resource is your relationship and your relationship is your resource.

Ready to take the next steps?