Are You Ready to Launch a Life-Giving Church?

As a church planter, it is vital to be prepared for what is ahead. It is essential to take an up-close and honest look at these areas of a church planter’s life – marriage, ministry and finances.

Our heart is to help you discover the areas you may need to strengthen before starting a church, and to give you a road map to your launch that takes into consideration your past experience and future goals.


Qualify Phase

Once you have started Qualify, your personalized dashboard will keep you on track with your progress. Qualify has two steps:

  • Step 1 | Application ($99 non-refundable application fee) The first step of Qualify is to complete your application and upload all required information. Once your application is completed, the Qualify Team will evaluate your submitted information. If your application is approved to move forward, you will receive an invitation to the second step, which is the Interviews.
  • Step 2 | Interviews (*$199 non-refundable registration fee) The second step of Qualify is the Interviews. The Interviews are by invitation only and based on application approval in Step 1. Husband and wife are required to attend. Attendance of an ARC Launch Training is also required before attending the Interviews. In this final step, each couple will be assessed in both marriage and ministry. Upon completion of the Interviews, you will either be given recommended steps to take before moving forward to the Start phase or an invitation to begin the Start phase immediately.

*You will be responsible for all travel expenses for this step.

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