It’s Time to Get Started

You’ve prayed, prepared, trained and qualified. Now it’s time to get started!  Start, the final phase of ARC Launch, is where you will engage in the practical work on the ground of starting a church.  You will move to your city, recruit launch team members, and secure a venue.  This is also where you will take part in launch coaching and begin accomplishing benchmarks towards receiving launch funding.

There are elements of Start that you can begin working on at any time during the ARC Launch process, but there are others that require you to complete previous steps of Qualify and Train.  You may want to begin fundraising, building a website and putting together your by-laws before getting to the Start phase, but launch coaching and funding is only available to those who have passed the Interview step of Qualify.

Here is an overview of what you can expect in the Launch Coaching and Funding steps of Start:

Launch Coaching

You will be assigned an experienced ARC church planter who will personally coach you leading up to your launch day, as well as participate in three coaching conference calls with other ARC church planters who are launching in the same class.



Receive up to $70,000 ($30,000 – $50,000 toward the launch day, plus, an additional $20,000 if needed, for the first 6 months) — no interest, no fees to start your new church. We use a pay-it-forward approach, so six months after your launch, you begin re-investing back into ARC with 10% of tithes and offerings until you have given to another church planter what was given to you. Once you have re-invested in full as an ARC church planter, you continue to designate 2% of your budget (1/5th of missions giving) to ARC Church Planting.

Over a six-month period you will be responsible to meet milestones and requirements to receive funding including:

  • Build a launch team of 35 adults
  • Raise $30,000 – $50,000 (ARC will match amount raised within this range)
  • Secure a Sponsoring Church

Once you have completed the Qualify phase, a full list of pre-requisites for funding will be listed in your dashboard.

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