Leading in the dry times
September 23, 2013 Vicki Ohlerking

Leading in the dry times

September 23 2013

Post by Brooke Mason

We go through seasons in our lives that we feel are dry.  Seasons where we
feel stuck in between the moment God birthed something in our hearts and the
moment it comes into reality.  Have you ever had to lead people into a land
flowing with milk and honey but struggled to find that land yourself?  We’ve
all been there or will be there at some point.  How do you lead others when
you find yourself in a spiritual drought?

Isaac was familiar with such a season.  He felt the pressure of providing
life to those in his care, while searching for it himself.  His father had
died, his son had deceived him, and he found himself in a severe famine
(Genesis 26).  He moved to Gerar and set his sights on Egypt.  God appeared
to him and arrested his steps, saying, “Do not go to Egypt.” (verse 2)

He stayed in Gerar. “He reopened the wells his father had dug, which the
Philistines had filled in after Abraham’s death.  Isaac renamed them, using
the names Abraham had given them.” (Genesis 26:18)

If Isaac was going to walk in his father’s favor, he had to find his
father’s source of supply.  When you find yourself in a spiritual famine,
RUN to your source of supply — Jesus.  Dig into Him, dig into His Word and
dig and rename a few wells that the enemy has filled with dirt.  I have been
in that place.  But God, in His kind way, has led me to restore some areas
in my life that the enemy had shoveled dirt and lies over.

Here are some wells that we can dig when we are walking through a spiritual

The well of confidence.  Satan wants to limit our effectiveness by clogging
our wells of confidence.  He brings the same question to us as he did in the
garden of Eden when he said, “Did God really say?…”  He questions the word
of God in you and the call of God on you.  Our confidence begins to falter
because we question what God has already promised.  If your drought is
because you haven’t seen the purposes of God come to pass in your life and
you feel like you are stuck in the waiting room of God, dig into His word
for renewed confidence.  The Word of God is like spiritual drano for a
confidence clog.

The well of compassion.  As women in ministry, our hearts can get stuck in a routine or
even calloused towards people.  We can also become so
busy doing the “work” of ministry that we begin seeing people as a “product”
instead of seeing them as Christ does.  If this happens,  pray for God to
reopen your well of compassion and create a sensitivity toward those in
need.  He can then begin to flow through you to heal a broken world.

These are just two examples of “wells” that have needed re-digging in my
life.  Ask God to reveal wells that you need to dig.  When we have taken out
all of the earthly “clogs,” we can experience the free-flowing living water
from the source — Christ.