Love Dust
February 22, 2015 Vicki Ohlerking

Love Dust

February 22 2015

by Becca Ketterling, Co-Lead Pastor of River Valley Church in Apple Valley, MN

I just finished reading the book Love Does by Bob Goff.  It was a great book and an easy read, as it is full of real life stories of acting out love.  One day when I was looking for the book around the house, I asked my husband, Rob, “Do you have Love Does?” He responded with raised eyebrows, “Love dust?? Ooh what is that? I think I’m interested!”

I gave him an eye roll and a token laugh but then I got to thinking… What would love dust do? If we could sprinkle a little love dust on each morning (imagine it like sweet-smelling, glittery, fairy sprinkles) would we be more romantic or starry-eyed? Ok, enough about Rob and I   How about love in general? Would we be more kind, patient, and humble?  I’d like to think that we would act more like the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:

  • We would never give up,
  • We would care more for others than for self,
  • We wouldn’t want what we don’t have,
  • We wouldn’t strut,
  • We wouldn’t have a swelled head,
  • We wouldn’t force ourselves on others,
  • We wouldn’t always think “me first,”
  • We wouldn’t fly off the handle,
  • We wouldn’t keep score of the sins of others,
  • We wouldn’t revel when others grovel,
  • We would take pleasure in the flowering of truth,
  • Put up with anything,
  • Trust God always,
  • Always look for the best,
  • Never look back,
  • But keep going to the end.

Wow, I want to love like that!  Everyday we need to be conscious of how we love others.  Christ gave us the perfect example by loving us more than He loved Himself – He died for us! His grace allows us to share in that love and now we are challenged to live the same way.  Sprinkle a little love dust my way!