Digital Edition

The spring 2020 digital edition of the ARC Magazine is available now! Each magazine is full of inspiring stories, relevant resources, and wisdom from throughout the ARC Family.

Inside, you’ll find resources on church planting like tips for portable church equipment, developing leaders on your team, and hear from past church planters on what the process was like for them and where they are now. There is a ton of great wisdom on personal development. Whether it’s spiritual, emotional, or mental health, pastors get real and honest about what it’s like to carry pain and how they overcame. We take a look at ARC Global and see how each network is uniquely meeting the needs of their region of the world. If you are looking for practical resources, there are strategies for creating culture, church growth, and digital marketing.

It’s an honor to work with so many contributors who are excited to share what they’ve learned with you. We’ve highlighted the feature articles below, but we encourage you to read through cover to cover!  We hope it leaves you inspired and excited about the future of the local church.


Fighting for Families

by Lindsey Hansen with Rich and Tina Romero

God began to stir a desire within the Romeros to start their own church. Rich recalls, “It was during this time that God gave me the vision to plant a life-giving church in our city.”

A Look at ARC Global

by Michael Smith

Over the years ARC has been asked to expand its mission and plant churches in other countries around the world.

Clean Water, Pure Hearts

by Lindsey Hansen with Tim Lucas

Not only does Liquid Church have a unique name, but it is uniquely meeting the needs of its community, and the world is taking notice.

What If?

by Tommy Barnett

Throughout my life, I’ve sensed God’s clear call to find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it.

What I Wish I Knew Then

by Meghan Robinson

Leading up to my birthday, I decided to capture some of the lessons I’ve learned in these forty years.

Creating a Sending Culture

by Michael Fletcher

The struggles of the early church have been repeated throughout church history. It seems we Christians are habitually reluctant to reach beyond our comfort zones, to risk potential conflict and loss in stretching the boundaries of Christianity.