To Mail or Not to Mail
September 4, 2016 Aly

To Mail or Not to Mail

September 4 2016

To Mail or Not to Mail - MauneyDirect mail is arguably the best strategy for creating instant brand awareness and getting people in the door of your church. While it is not a silver bullet, it has proven to be highly effective.

At TurningPoint Church, we have used direct mail at the beginning of each growth season.  These tend to be the times of year when people are getting back into routine and looking for a church. Every time we mail we have seen an increase in attendance.

While this isn’t exhaustive, let me list a few things that you need to consider when producing your direct mail marketing piece.

4 Things to Consider When Doing Direct Mail

  1. The Rate of Return. The average rate of return for direct mail is half of 1%. If you send 40,000 cards, you can expect 200 people to come to church. (Assuming the mailer is good and there are no natural disasters in your city on launch Sunday.) For more on how to think about a mailer, you can check out this post. If the natural drop off from week 1 to week 2 is 50%, you need at least 200 people in the door that first week to not fall below the critical mark of 100 people. I know guys that have done smaller mailers and they just aren’t successful in staying over that 100 person mark. Don’t send less than 40,000 cards.
  2. The Message. The only thing worse than no mailer is a bad one. Don’t waste all of your space advertising about your coffee and grand opening. They need to know if you are going to be able to help them. Your message needs to speak to a felt need.  i.e. Purpose.
  3. The Next Step. After getting your mailer, the first action many people will take is visiting your website – Which begs the question, How good is your website? We will break down websites in a future post. 85% of people will visit your website before they will come to your church, so the mailer (and all marketing pieces) needs to list the website URL. (
  4. The Authenticity. The mailer and the website are a chance to show people who you are, not that you know how to insert a picture of four people that just so happen to all be a different race, age, and cover both genders while all seeming to laugh at the same joke. (Every stock photo ever produced has them laughing at the same joke.) Use photos that represent your church.

Hope some of this helps as you start to send your direct mail. I pray God uses this to help you reach thousands of people in His name.

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Question: What additional questions do you have about direct mail?