Help for Creative Leaders
September 11, 2014 Vicki Ohlerking

Help for Creative Leaders

September 11 2014

As a Creative Leader, it is necessary for me to get away from the office and write, create, think, etc. That is my job. I “get paid” to create & think. Our organization moves forward best when I am doing these things.

Consequently, my assistant schedules entire days where I am not just out of the office, but completely off the grid. However, what I have found is that sometimes these days go great and other times I feel unmotivated, lethargic and scattered.

So I decided to do some analyzing recently in an attempt to decipher what constitutes a “Good Day” where greatness and creativity flow (The stuff I get paid for… so to speak) and other times when it’s bogged down.

A few weeks ago, the night before one of these days, I created my “Perfect Day” on a little note pad. Here’s what I discovered… it worked. For me, when I can do all or a combination of most of these things, it’s a great and productive day being “Creative.” If your leadership responsibilities require something similar from you, then hopefully this will help.

Of course, this is mine, and yours will vary, but in an attempt to help you, here you go.

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