Max Lucado: Dangerous Voices
October 7, 2015 Aly

Max Lucado: Dangerous Voices

October 7 2015

Richard Clark

The ever-present cultural influences of today affect even the most grounded spiritual leaders.  Voiced opinions, good and bad, constantly surround us, potentially leading us to either doubt ourselves or to think we’re better than we are. In his book, Glory Days, Max Lucado says, “Voices await you today. At work, in your cul-de-sac, at school, on the Internet. They’re waiting for you. They stand on the intersections of your social life and family. You can’t eliminate their presence. But you can prepare for their invitation.”  In this interview, Max shares with us the dangers of buying into the hype of what others say about you, and gives practical steps on how to block out those voices.

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