Must Read Before Marketing Your Church
September 4, 2016 Aly

Must Read Before Marketing Your Church

September 4 2016

Must Read Before Marketing Your Church - MauneyThe number one opportunity to reach new believers for Jesus Christ is in a new church plant. As a church planter myself, I understand the amazing opportunities that are available to reach new people. Here are a few ideas on how to reach more people for Jesus.

Every major industry in the world today has a marketing strategy. They have a product that they want you to have and they create ways to let you know that it is out there. While it isn’t often stated out loud, in the local church, we have talked ourselves into the notion that a marketing strategy might not be all that spiritual. We leave evangelism to one-on-one word of mouth because we wouldn’t want to relegate something as powerful as the Gospel to the position of a product that needed to be marketed.

At TurningPoint we have a different philosophy. We believe that what we have to share with the world is so important that we need to have a strategy for letting people know that we exist. In the first 17 months of our church, we have seen 393 people make decisions for Jesus Christ. It is an amazing thing to be a part of.

We have adopted a strategy that seems to be working and I want to take a few minutes to share it with you.

TurningPoint Church Marketing Strategy

  1. Create an excellent weekend that will be a safe place for people to bring their friends. It doesn’t do any good to reach out to thousands of people with a marketing plan if you don’t have decent worship music, a great first impressions team, and an environment that is clean, safe, and fun for the kids. (For more on creating a weekend experience like that, you can go here.)
  2. Provide invite tools for your church (or launch team). You can’t just tell your church to go invite people and then not give them anything to facilitate it. This particular card below is used in conjunction with our random act of kindness. So when they buy the coffee for someone behind them at Starbucks they leave this card. To date, it is the most effective thing we have done for personal invitations. (Sample at the bottom of the post.)
  3. Communicate to the masses. For us, we have come to realize that the most effective method to reach the masses has been a mass mailer. It is the best way (for the price) to create some brand recognition in your city in a very short amount of time. I would go as far as to say, the only thing worse than not doing a mailer, would be to send out a bad one. We will talk more in future posts about how to create a good mailer.
  4. Create a website that is clean, simple and easy to navigate that can answer three basic questions– When and where do you meet? Who is in charge? What can I expect?

Whether you are a church of six or six thousand, you can begin to ask yourself the question:What am I doing to let people know the church exist? If we believe that the message we have can change people’s lives. We need to get serious about creating a plan that will let them know the church is out there.

Question: What are you doing today to let people know about your church?

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