A Note from Dino Rizzo – November 2018
November 8, 2018 Lindsey Hansen

A Note from Dino Rizzo – November 2018

Dino Rizzo
Dino Rizzo
November 8 2018

In John 21, Jesus asks Peter, the one who publicly denied Him in front of everyone, “Do you love Me?” Jesus asks Peter this question three times, and by the third time, it’s like Peter gets to the point of acknowledging the truth.

“Jesus, I know you know what I’ve done, my mistakes, the self-centeredness I’ve been absorbed in. You are fully aware of me.” And he chose to respond a little deeper and more vulnerable. It’s as though he’s saying, Lord, my life is an open book. You know me from A to Z, from ins to outs, from ups to downs, and you know that I love You.

And Jesus says okay, feed my sheep.

In verses 18 and 19, Jesus is telling Peter, “Even though you just denied me a few days ago, I know you’re going to live a surrendered life.” It’s amazing the hope God has in each one of us. How He looks at our life, even in
the residue of failure, and says, I love you, and I believe in you.

In the very next verse, just after Jesus has assured Peter that everything is good between them, Peter immediately looks over at John and asks, “Lord, what about him?”

Isn’t it amazing that when God speaks something to our heart, how often we’re worried about what He’s speaking to someone else? Why is it that want to tend to everybody else’s garden except our own?

Jesus responded to Peter, “…what is that to you?” I love that phrase – it’s been engrained in my mind lately.

We aren’t to be concerned with comparing ourselves to others. We need to work our own devotion and dedication. By doing so, we’ll be a blessing to someone else. If we’re busy worrying about “John’s blessing” we’re going to miss our own.

I think Jesus is saying to us, If you tend to my sheep, I will tend to your future.

I want to encourage you to embrace the grace that is happening in YOUR life. Tend to your garden and watch how God will tend to your future. Focus on feeding His sheep, on serving His people – wherever you can add value, whatever opportunity, space, or moment – embrace it as YOUR moment – and watch what God does in and through your life.

With Love & Appreciation,

Dino Rizzo
Executive Director, ARC