Onboarding New Hires into Your Staff Culture

Onboarding New Hires into Your Staff Culture
November 1, 2018 ARC Churches

by Ellen Beach
Building Church, Madison, AL

Front-load with Details

New Hire Packet: Provide a staff handbook and other pertinent resources to help the new hire get up to speed on expectations and parameters.

Mission and Core Values: New hires should receive a copy of your church’s mission statement and core values at the point of hire. Encourage new hires to commit these to memory.

Prepare the Environment

Workspace: Consider having staff members create a gift basket with personalized items and church branded merchandise such as hats, shirts, and tumblers. A designated, well-organized workspace with a personalized gift will confirm to new hires that they chose the right team!

Adjusted Start Time: For the first day, schedule the new hire to arrive at the office two hours after the rest of the team reports to work. This delayed start allows your existing team to focus on offering a genuine welcome to the new team member without distractions.

Strengthen the Connection

Onboarding Coach: The onboarding coach is a source of information and encouragement that helps the new hire successfully assimilate into the staff culture. On the new hire’s first day, the coach will greet the new team member, give a tour of the facility (including the new hire’s prepared workspace), and introduce the new employee to staff members and key leaders in
the organization.

Team Lunch: Plan a team lunch on the new hire’s first day. This allows team members and the new employee to get to know each other in a relaxed, non-threatening way.

Weekly Feedback: High-capacity employees want to know that they are exceeding expectations and adding value to the organization.  The direct supervisor of the new hire should plan a weekly time to discuss the new employee’s progress. Offer the new hire specific praise (what you praise gets repeated) and define “the win” for each of the assigned projects.