Pep Talk – Michael W Smith

Pep Talk – Michael W Smith
August 20, 2019 ARC Churches


I don’t know if you’re’ like me, but I wake up every day with way more to get done then I have time to do in a day. It seems like lately it’s just piled on. It’s easy to relegate prayer and my time with the Lord with only the business aspects.

I was thinking recently, what it would be like if I went to heaven. What would that opening day be like? I think of a park bench in heaven — a little yellow park bench. I’m thinking yellow because everything in heaven is probably brightly colored. I’m sitting down on that park bench, and Jesus comes over, and He looks at me, and He says, “Hey Michael, I’m so glad you’re here. You did a good job down there.”

I would probably say, “No, no, no, no. I’ll be honest; I blew a lot of it.” He’d say, “No, you really nailed it. You killed it. You did good.” I’d say, “Yeah, but I wasn’t like this person, or I wasn’t like that.” He would say, “You are actually really good with the gifts I gave you. I’m so proud of you.” I just envision Jesus looking at me, staring at me with those eyes, valuing me.

Here’s the deal. Every day that you and I wake up, that’s our relationship with Jesus. In John 15 He said, I’m not looking for servants. I’m not looking for somebody just to obey. I’m looking for friends. He says I’m looking for those that I can call My friends.

Here’s my word for you today. Don’t bring it down to just the mechanics and only a business side of it. Come back to the park bench. Come back to the fact that you and Jesus are sitting there talking and you are friends. Come on. You can do this.