Pep Talk with Dino Rizzo

Pep Talk with Dino Rizzo
October 1, 2019 ARC Churches

There’s a scripture that we all know, 1 Corinthians 13:13. It’s the love chapter. Reading it the other day, I came across that final pinnacle verse that says, “And these three remain, faith, hope and love, the greatest is love.”

I started thinking about that word, remain. What does that mean that these three remain? Does that mean that there’s something that will not remain, that won’t last, that won’t continue, that won’t abide? That’s what that word remain means, to abide, to continue.

What it also means is that when other things expire, these three will not expire. When other things run out, when other things quit, when the heart stops beating, when other things are timed out, or those batteries die, there are three that have eternal batteries that keep going, faith, hope and love. How important that is.

When life hits us, and there’s nothing else that can carry it…when all the other handles snap, and cannot carry the weight of our life, the weight of planning a church, the weight of ministry, the weight of parenting, the weight of marriage, the weight of finances, the weight of a struggle, the weight of something not turning out the way it was supposed to be…there are three handles that can connect to your life – faith, hope and love. They remain, they last, they will endure.

Sometimes we’re looking for something that can endure when other things are not enduring. I want to encourage you today, no matter what you’re dealing with, no matter what you’re facing…maybe it’s a leadership decision, maybe it’s a financial decision, maybe you’re trying to work through the some personalities on team, maybe it’s personal. How am I going to make it? Faith, hope and love. Faith, hope, and love. The greatest is love.

I believe the three most powerful words on the planet are, “I love you.” The presence of those words would change everything, but the absence of those words can change things too. Let’s be a faith-filled people, let’s be a hope-filled people, and let’s be a love-filled people. Let’s do everything we can to be faith, hope and love, because it will remain.