Plan a “Hotseat Weekend”
May 28, 2016 Aly

Plan a “Hotseat Weekend”

May 28 2016

ARC MagazineAre you looking for a unique way to switch up your services and spread the word about your church this summer? Plan a “Hotseat Weekend” where you answer questions people submit, completely unscripted. This unique service became a growth catalyst for the The Journey in Newark, Delaware. Follow these steps to host your own event.

To ensure that people knew what their church was about, The Journey in Newark, Delaware, held what they called “Hotseat Weekend.” Planter and Lead Pastor Mark Johnston answered questions about culture, the Bible, and just about anything unscripted. The weekend became a growth catalyst for the church. To plan your own event, follow these steps.

Tell people about Hotseat Weekend and ask them to submit questions. Announce it in church, on your website and an email that people can use to invite their friends and family. Let the church know that they can submit any question anonymously.

Recruit a team to review and compile questions. Their job is to look for the most asked questions or topics and make a list of 10 to 15 questions you’ll answer.

Embrace spontaneity. The genius of an event like this is the unscripted feel. From the time the question popped up on the screen, Johnston had five minutes to offer his candid response.

Be clear and concise. Make sure people know when you’re referencing Scripture and when something’s your opinion. Johnston says this is key to the credibility of the leader and the church.