Preaching That Unleashes the Bible’s Power
November 10, 2015 Aly

Preaching That Unleashes the Bible’s Power

November 10 2015

Timothy KellerThe importance of grounding your teaching in the doctrinal truths of God’s Word is paramount to unleashing the power of the Bible to your congregation.  According to Timothy Keller, “expository preaching is the best method for displaying and conveying your conviction that the whole Bible is true.”  In this article, Keller implores that the majority of teaching should be based on simply preaching the Word with accuracy, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you to reach the hearts of your congregation.  As we walk in the confidence that accurate teaching of His Word is one of the most powerful ways God can work in this world, we will carefully study and articulate the meaning of His Word, and we can fully expect that God’s Spirit will act in listeners’ lives.

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