Preparation Season
July 22, 2013 Vicki Ohlerking

Preparation Season

July 22 2013

by Christine Caine | The A21 Campaign
Wouldn’t it be convenient if our purpose just dropped out of the sky and into our lapsŠ today? Many of us have seen a glimpse of the “all² God has for us and we just want to be living in it right now. Rather than appreciating every part of our life as a God-given season of preparation and molding, it can be so easy grow impatient and dissatisfied, especially when that particular season feels mundane, difficult, frustrating, or everlasting.

The truth is that every single season‹school, singlehood, career, marriage, motherhood, even those that involve toilet brushes‹is a gift from God. It¹s not a means to our ³all,² but rather part of it. That means every single one of us is living in a slice of our ³all² at this very moment.

When we grasp this thought, it will not only enable us to see the opportunities for learning and growth in this season, but will also help us to embrace the exciting things that are going on right now. We need to learn to love the season we¹re in while keeping a fresh and expectant attitude about all that lies ahead.

To fulfill our purpose, we must realize that it is often in the desert of anonymity and obscurity that God molds and shapes our characters, making us ready on the inside for all He has for us. Unfortunately it¹s also during these times of waiting and preparation that we are most vulnerable to growing weary and giving up on having and doing God¹s ³all.² The enemy tries to convince us that our dreams for extraordinary living are not worth the wait, too difficult, or even impossible to achieve.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the seasons of life, or to devalue today…God is using it to prepare you for your tomorrow!