Reclaiming Honor
December 31, 2012 Vicki Ohlerking

Reclaiming Honor

December 31 2012

By Nicole Reyes | Oasis Church | Los Angeles, CA @NicoleReyesLA

“I feel called to ministry!”

“I believe God has a big purpose for me!”

“I want to change the world!”

Over the last 10 years in ministry, I’ve heard these sentiments from countless young women. I felt the same when I began serving in my local church at 19.

At 30, I’m even more passionate about Jesus, and more committed to my local church than when I was 19 with nothing but a whole lot of ideals.  I’m still young, but now I‘ve weathered storms, navigated transitions, endured the growing pains of my capacity stretching, and worked through unhealthy issues of my heart- all while serving my local church and my pastors Philip and Holly Wagner.

Too often young people begin with a radical passion for God, but within a few years settle into a life of convenience, disconnect from the local church, or walk away from their relationship with Jesus.


I believe, many times we forfeit long-term destiny because we fail to practice daily HONOR.

We live in a dishonoring world.  We don’t honor parents and authority; we don’t serve others; and we prefer our own opinions to the costly wisdom of previous generations.

Dishonor is a far stretch from the way of Jesus.  He teaches us to honor authority, to serve the least, and to crucify our selfish agendas on the cross.

The way of Jesus, the way of honor, is powerful because it unites us generationally.

Moses and Joshua.  Naomi and Ruth. Elijah and Elisha.  Jesus and His disciples.  Paul and Timothy.

The Bible is full of examples of honor that produces generational unity.

HONOR brings us together.  When we as “the younger” practice honor, we glean the wisdom from “the older” that we need to persevere and fulfill our God-assignments.  When we honor, we become a force to be reckoned with against darkness.  Hell trembles at a generation who practices honor!

Below are some thoughts for “the younger” on how we HONOR in our daily choices:

1. “Shutteth uppeth” in the company of those older and wiser. Ask questions and listen.  Learn from those who have gone before you and paved a road for you with their own blood, sweat, and tears!

2. Make it all about Jesus. In Heaven, titles, traveling circuits, and book deals won’t matter.  Keep Jesus the main thing on this side of eternity, and you can look forward to a “well done, good and faithful servant!” on the other side of eternity.

3. Serve the local church. Jesus is actively building one thing right now- His Church. Whatever you pursue, make sure it’s building what Jesus is building!

4. Be faithful with what’s in your hand, and God will lead you to what’s in your heart. What has God currently entrusted to you? The tasks currently assigned to you will lead you to what God has placed in you.

5. Determine your own passion! YOU alone are responsible for the passion you bring to each day! You get to decide what friendships, emotions and thoughts you entertain that lead to lasting passion!

6. Don’t waste time trying to pry open doors only God can open. God handles promotion. He doesn’t need our help in that department.  And remember, your character is more important than any opportunity!