Remembering the Early Days of ARC
July 11, 2016 Aly

Remembering the Early Days of ARC

July 11 2016

Gayle Bennett“My history with ARC is intricately tied to a precious couple: Billy and Charlene Hornsby, whose love for Jesus and people fueled their constant ministry.

I began working for Billy in the winter of 1993. He had been asked to spearhead the new “Cell-Church” initiative at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana, and needed an assistant to help him with all the details. I had no idea the awesome years the Lord had in store for me!

“Brother Billy,” as he was known at Bethany, was always working on ways to teach others from his extensive knowledge of the Bible, leadership and church growth. His heart was to help “the little guy”- the pastor or leader that was out there all alone, needing encouragement and answers to his personal and ministry challenges. Billy began networking these pastors, introducing them to each other, to new life-giving ideas and offering them resources to help grow their churches. I’ll never forget his Team Management Seminar nicknamed the “Helpim Buk, Inc.” His goal was always to “Helpim” make the dream in “his” heart come true!”

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