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4africa focuses on sustainable development through an innovative approach that focuses on short-term needs being met in combination with long-term investment. Working primarily in challenging countries like South Sudan and Uganda, our programs focus on relationships by practically demonstrating Christ’s love for us and discipling our stakeholders to become champions of their lives and circumstances.

Our mission to exalt Jesus Christ by restoring and empowering African people to become good stewards of their community and country is accomplished with three distinct strategies:
– Imparting biblical principles through sustainable clean water and preventive health initiatives (WASH program- Water Access, Sanitation, and Health)

– Educating future leaders with a heart for service (Leadership Program)

– Exalting Christ and growing His Kingdom throughout the organization and programs utilizing 4africa’s Discipleship Making Movements (DMM) ministry program

Special Resources for the ARC Family

Church of the Highlands – Partner Reference

Tim Heard, Missions Pastor of Church of the Highlands, shares his perspective on 4africa’s ministry and impact on the ground in Africa.

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Let's Get in Touch

Megan Hudson

Senior Partnership Manager

My role at 4africa is to partner with organizations and individuals in their stewardship journey. With a background in international ministry and recruiting, I am passionate about connecting churches, corporations, and individuals to what God is doing in East Africa through strategic partnership. Working at 4africa has radically shifted my perspective on fundraising – I can’t believe I get to do what I do, it is one of the sweetest forms of ministry I’ve gotten to experience.

At 4africa, we believe that God calls us to do more than short term projects and hand outs, but to provide lasting solutions through local people that allow them to not just survive, but to thrive and live life to the full.

This same calling applies to our partnerships. Our focus with church partners is to build a meaningful relationship with you and understand your DNA to intentionally partner together, providing the Gospel and lasting solutions to underserved communities in East Africa.

My husband, Holden, and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I was a military kid and my husband grew up on the mission field, so we’re grateful to put roots down and build our community here in Texas!