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Collected is the first app to combine worship tutorials and service planning in one easy-to-use place; currently offering two services – Collected Events and Collected Worship.

Collected Events easily organizes your agenda or setlist and allows every team member to know exactly what is happening and when. Whether you’re planning your church services, weddings, volunteers, band or company events, Collected Events eliminates the need for spreadsheets and complex platforms. Scheduling and coordinating both people and agendas has never been easier.

Collected Worship, a continuously growing library of professional, full-band worship song tutorials. Providing breakdowns, chord charts, tabs, and keys patches, the entire worship team can find what they need in one location. With Collected Worship, your worship team will show up prepared, every time. No more guessing.

Let's Get in Touch

Austin Bauman

CEO & Founder

In 2010 Austin and his wife moved to Columbus, Ohio, to help start Rock City Church, now the 2nd fastest growing church in the U.S., according to Outreach Magazine (2019). Austin worked at Rock City Church as Creative Project Manager and served for five years, only stepping off staff to start Collected. Austin has a huge passion for church plants and developing both musicians and teams, as well as making tools that advance people and simplify life. Austin lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two kids.