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Global Missions & Outreach

Compassion International

Partnership is not simply working together, it is collaborating on something both sides care about deeply. The result of this partnership changes lives for eternity—releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. It’s a goal beyond the capacity of either of us individually, but together, we can do it. In fact, we can do it better together.

Together, your church and Compassion can:

  • Raise local awareness of global issues. Is your community of faith aware of the problems that plague much of the world—human trafficking, water and mosquito-born illness, natural disasters, lack of clean drinking water?
  • Compassion offers long-term solutions to these difficult situations. Connect your church family to the developing world through missions. Compassion provides an effective onramp to developing a heart for missions among those in your church.
  • Present an opportunity to follow Christ’s example of compassion by using child sponsorship. Do you want your community of faith to understand God’s directive to care for the poor? Compassion can provide the toolkit to accomplish that goal effectively.
  • Empower your church family to impact children for Christ—at home and around the world! Together with churches around the world, we are telling a story that none of us could tell by ourselves. Will you join us?

Let's Get in Touch

Matthew Wilson

Church Partnerships Manager

Matt joined Compassion in 2015 after serving on local church staff for 15 years. Although Matt stands 6’4”, his most noticeable characteristic is his heart of compassion. As he meets with pastors throughout the Southeastern states, one thing that feeds Matt’s soul is knowing he is helping care for the most vulnerable children around the world. Matt and his wife, Michelle, live in Birmingham, AL, with their three beautiful daughters. (Ask him which daughter is adopted from Uganda.)